About Miss Cantaloupe

Featuring members of Tutlie, The Underwater Sounds, Cigarettes for Breakfast  & Out of the Beardspace, Miss Cantaloupe aims to shift the paradigm of modern indie pop music with theatrics, intentional storytelling & a big dose of whimsy.


Here's what's being said about their freshman effort, "Beets Began To Rise"


"Pure celestial sounds of earth, dreams, and love..."- 215 Music 

"Not merely ear candy but a whole ear-feast of baroque psychedelic sunshine pop" - Jeffrey Glenn (NEPA Audio)

Opening for acts like Little Tybee & Mikaela Davis all the while creating unique multi-media performances, this creative Dream Pop Band has earned the admiration and affection of fans and critics alike. Join them during a live performance to be part of the magic! 

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