Parent/Child Music Classes with Miss Christina

  • Parent/Child Classes

    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Mondays 10:30am LNC Center, Huntingdon Valley PA


Join Miss Christina for a magical parent/child musical adventure intertwining rhythm, melody, movement, self expression, meditation & mindfulness all into one fun class! Ages 5mo-5yrs.


This musical journey aims at increasing your little ones:

  • Brain Connectivity

  • Coordination Skills

  • Confidence

  • Awareness

  • Social/Emotional Development

A little bit about Miss Christina:

                                        Hi everyone! Music has been                                                         a passion of mine ever since I                                                           was a  child. I was blessed to                                                          fall in love with music at a                                                               young age when I learned                                                     piano at 5 and again when I                                    sang in elementary music class.


Some of my most vivid childhood memories are of my inspiring art and music teachers. They helped shape who I am today! This is part of the reason why I chose to give back as a parent/child music educator. I love cultivating a space where our little ones can feel free to express themselves and let the joy of music flow through them. I love getting to share tender moments with families as we sing and play together, using our imaginations and strengthening our minds with coordination activities and rhymes. 

I’ve had a professional background in music for over a decade, performing at various venues along the U.S. east coast with multiple groups (Tutlie 2010, Cultureal 2015, Miss Cantaloupe 2016). I graduated from West Chester University with a degree in Communication Studies in 2012 and moved to Philadelphia to pursue my music career shortly after. I currently play guitar as the singer/songwriter of dream-pop group, Miss Cantaloupe. I’ve had the privilege of mentoring & teaching parent/child classes under Children’s Music Guru, Tammy Keorkunian (Miss Tammy). I'm currently in my 3rd year teaching! 


 Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions! 




A little bit about the program: 


I am currently offering a 6 week series of 30 minute parent/child music course through Zoom for you and your little ones!

Join us weekly every Thursday at 10:30am April 22th-May 27th!

This 6 week course is so much fun for both parent and child. Each week we follow a pattern of songs and activities ending with a sweet lullaby and breathing activity, leaving our little ones feeling soothed and cared for.

Sing along with us to classic adaptations and new favorites! Enjoy watching your little one grow right before your very eyes! Invest time & energy into you & your child’s well being with this special weekly bonding ritual! 


A little bit about why we offer our program:


Studies show that brain development increases tremendously in children who start their musical journey before the age of seven. Engaging in musical activities with your child (singing/dancing together) is also shown to improve parent/child relationships by enhancing empathy, socialization & synchronization between the two of you. Remember parents, your participation in the activities is not only suggested, but imperative to your child getting the most out of this program. Don’t give up if your little one loses focus, just stay engaged and they will eventually focus back in! 


What you will need for class: 

(Not required but suggested) Have some instruments at home you and your little one can use to play along. We recommend egg shakers, a scarf (for peekaboo), bells or any other instruments they enjoy (could be as simple as pots & pans)!


What people are saying about class: 

"Iris loves music and looks forward to seeing you each week! I will hear her singing the songs even when class is over!"

"We are so happy you are doing these classes.  Your class is the only thing in [our childs] life that has stayed consistent since COVID.  Her daycare shutdown, she got a new sister, she doesn't do gym class anymore, and she doesn't see her friends nearly as often- so thank you for making her life seem a bit more familiar :)" 

"It has improved their confidence in hand movements & expression musically."

-Kelly (mother of 3)